2019 Mercedes G 500 TEST: How good is the new 442 hp off-road icon

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The new 2019 Mercedes G 500 looks (almost) like the old one, but is completely new. And it remained a a pure luxury off-roader with character, as Autobild’s first test shows.

Break out of everyday life. Departures, worries and constraints just drive away and your mind flies to the best place where they do not find you – who does not dream of this? For the escape vehicle we would have an idea: the new 2019 Mercedes G-Class. Completely new, but fortunately further built to off-roader purity requirement, with ladder frame, large ground clearance (24 centimeters), transfer case, reduction and three differential locks.

Visually, the new generation seems barely changed, it is as edgy and upright on the wheels as it was since 1979. It’s all there: round headlights, patch turn signals in front, thick circumferential protective strip, hinges on the outside. And still the central locking sounds like a shot in the dark when snapping. But the G 500 is now five inches longer, but especially six wider. This brings noticeably more space inside.

You climb up in the cabin, sit incredibly high (92 cm above the road), incredibly sublime and very comfortable. On board, practically everything is new, even if beautiful details such as the sturdy grab handle for the passenger remained. And somehow the wide-screen display layout fits quite well into the G, as angular as it is. As in the S or E-Class, there are now two 12.3-inch displays for digital instruments (1012 euros) and Navi (series). Welcome to the modern age.

Also modern is the 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo with 422 HP. It powers the G 500 completely effortlessly and incredibly casually. It further impresses with his deep, soothing bass voice. Pass through tunnels only with open windows, preferably several times.

The chassis now has front independent suspension, the test car came with adaptive dampers (1547 euros). And the steering is now a rack and pinion steering, not a historic recirculating ball steering as before. Result: The G-Class drives with a previously unknown ease – but please do not confuse it with light-footedness.

The 2.5-ton truck is powerful and emphatical on the road, drives stoically straight, comfortable. If necessary, the ESP intervenes early and courageously. Overall, a driving experience that can not be compared with any SUV or crossovers. This is an off-road vehicle. With whom we would like to drive to the end of the world. Right now! If there was not a small problem: The new G-Class costs from 107,041 Euro …


The relatively modest test score (because of the environment and costs) deceives about how great the G-Class is. A true character. With design for eternity, crazy engine, overwhelming charm.

Technical data Mercedes
Model G 500
Engine V8, Biturbo
Capacity 3982 cm³
Power HP/rpm 422/5250
Nm/rpm 610/2250
Top speed 210 km/h
Gearbox 9-speed automatic
Transmission 4×4
Wheels size 275/50 R 20 V
Tires Pirelli Scorpion Zero Allseason
Emissions CO2 276 g/km
Consumption 14,1/10,8/12,1 l
Trunk volume 454-1941 l
Lenght/Width/Height 4817/1931-2187/1969 mm
Price (Germany) 112.360 Euro

Source: Autobild.de

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  • The new G 500 is absolutely beautiful! I wasn’t sure about the new interior looks at first, but I think it is a good time to utilize new technologies into the G class. It still holds its heritage in the exterior, but the side mirrors probably puts me off for a while. I may need sometime to get used to it.

    I am actually surprised when you mentioned the new G class is slightly bigger than the older model. I am curious to know, with the new interior, such as the new touch sensors, buttons, and placements, how is the experience? Does it feel convenient to do certain tasks effectively? I noticed that some buttons are riding slightly on the low middle console, does that affect your driving experience? Also, does the new G class comes with the option for the cabin fragrance atomizer? One thing I love from Mercedes Benz’s new feature is the fragrance. It is expensive, but worth the investment to keep the car fresh.