2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA: Mini-CLS caught again in new spy photos

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The new A-class is the first of Mercedes’ new compact model family to be presented, but there are much more compact family members bound to come. One of those newcomers is the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLA.

For a moment it was unclear what Mercedes-Benz intended with its CLA class. The brand showed the Concept A Sedan at the beginning of last year in Shanghai, the forerunner of a more sedan-like model within the A-Class family. That car was meanwhile launched in long wheelbase form in China.

Even so, the CLA still gets a successor and that means that Mercedes-Benz will offer two compact sedans in its line-up. The A-Class Sedan is the more conservative of the bunch, the new CLA the slick and sporty.

From these new espionage photos we can conclude that the new CLA will become a mini-CLS. Especially the design of the rear is strongly reminiscent of that of its bigger brother. Meanwhile, the front of the CLA, a car that Mercedes-Benz will call a ‘four-door coupe’ again, is not exactly identical to that of its hatchback-brother.

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The compact model family of Mercedes-Benz will be further expanded in the coming years with a new GLA, a seven seater SUV called GLB and a completely new B-Class.

Photos: Autoweek.nl