2018 Mercedes G-Class gives us a glimpse of its modern interior

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With less than a year left until its unveil, the all-new 2018 Mercedes G-Class sees its modern interior previewed for the first time by regular spy video auteur, Walko.

The biggest change seems to be the dual screen instrument cluster/infotainment arrangement, first seen on the S-Class and now filtering down step by step to the entire Mercedes range. The new G-Class is also expected to offer the option of a head-up display, for the first time in its career.

The second bit news seems to cover the all-new steering, again inspired from the more elegant limousines in Mercedes’ range, now featuring a three spoke design instead of the four spoke layout of old.

If there is one thing the all-new 2018 Mercedes G-Class is poised to keep is the dash-mounted grab handle, an old-school detail that underlines the off-road abilities of the car that single-handedly put the basis of the luxury 4×4 segment.

With lighter materials such as aluminum, the G-Class in 2017 could slim down by 200 kilos. For more space in the cockpit, the new G-Class will gain extra width: up to ten centimeters more will take the width to 1.97 meters. In addition to the wider track, the future G-Wagon gets an electromechanical steering and independent suspension.

In the engine department, the next G-Class comes with with the three-liter diesel and petrol straight-six engines set to debut on the new E-Class, top power could be up to 360 hp. Top AMG versions are set to feature the new 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8.