2018 Mercedes CLS / CLE loses camouflage – latest pics

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Mercedes-Benz is getting close to revealing the successor to the current generation CLS. Slowly, the 2018 Mercedes CLS / CLE testing prototypes lose their camouflage material. LATEST SPY PICS.

We are writing ‘CLE class’ because it seems that Mercedes-Benz drops the name CLS at the generation change. At the end of 2014, Mercedes-Benz launched a new name strategy, which is divided into the A, C, E and S classes. Crossovers’ names start with the letter combination GL, followed by a letter of one of the mentioned classes. The same goes for CL, which is used for four-door coupés. Given that the current CLS class and its successor lean on E-Class technology, it seems no more than logical that the car will be renamed as the CLE class.

The current second generation of the CLS class, which also exists as a Shooting Brake, is ready for replacement. The E-Class with which it shares its technique is already in a new generation. The new platform (MRA) will provide a weight reduction of around 100 kilograms in the ‘CLE class’. The car pictured today carries fewer camouflage stickers than before, which makes it possible to look better at the car’s line. A mix of first generation CLS and AMG GT Coupe sexy lines.

Next year we expect the new CLE class on the market. The return of the Shooting Brake seems improbable due to the marginal success of that variant. Photos: Autoweek.nl