2018 MERCEDES CLS heating the cold – NEW SPY PICS

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The third generation of the Mercedes CLS has entered its final phase of pre-series testing. Here we see driving the current CLS successor in winter conditions.

You would perhaps not think so, but the current CLS has already spent almost seven years on the market. But relief is on the way in the form of the 2018 CLS. Like a few months ago, we see the CLS successor driving still thickly camouflaged.

The recipe for the CLS is the same: a sleek and stretched four-door. The roof seems to be a lot lower than the current model and especially the nose is a lot flatter. It seems that the front and back get less sharp shapes, similar to what we see in the generation change of the C-, E- and S-Class.

Especially at the rear we can see that careful consideration was given to the CLE design-wise compared to the other coupés from Mercedes. The ‘Bangle Butt’-like shape of the boot is only deception, because it comes with a camouflage cover.

New rumors say that the CLE will just keep the current CLS name. Yet it seems to us especially because of the new naming strategy more likely that it will be called CLE, because of its relationship with the E-Class. We can welcome the CLE next year.

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Photos: Autoweek.nl