2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe plays the striptease game

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2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe inches closer to its Geneva motor show debut, this March. Plenty of time left for good old striptease game, then. And this new video proves it!

Form follows function is a rule that doesn’t really apply to the GLC Coupe which places the main focus on design. Rear seat occupants might disagree with this philosophy, as head space will take a significant hit compared to the regular GLC.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe will share both its platform and its engine line-up with its GLC regular SUV sibling and the entire C-Class family. Four and six cylinder diesel and gasoline units are all earmarked to make an appearance under the new model’s bonnet while a plug-in hybrid version is also set to be available right from the start. We’re talking about the same powertrain used by the C-Class’ eco version. A 2-liter turbo good for 211 HP will be matted to a 60 kw electric engine. The maximum range in EV Mode with zero emissions is estimated at 30 km.

The exterior bears a strong resemblance to the similarly called concept revealed at last year’s Shanghai motor show. Good news, since the yellow prototype can only be described as an work of art. The elongated roof flows seamlessly towards the beautifully sculptured back which clearly apes the C-Class Coupe, complete with slim LED strips acting as tail-lights.

Commercial debut is slated for early next year with an official unveiling expected to take place at the Geneva motor show in March.

Source: Walko @ Youtube