2017 Mercedes E-Class and the evolution of its interior after 40 years

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2017 Mercedes E-Class gets ready to put on its shiny dress on the eve of its Detroit motor show premiere. But if there is one chapter destined to make a huge impact this would be the interior. Revolutionary from the ground-up, it brings the dual-screen layout and high-tech gagdetry found in its bigger brother, the S-Class, one class below.

But the E-Class hasn’t always been inclined towards resetting the rules of design and interior appointment. We look back at the evolution of the legendary model during the past 40 years, starting with the cult-classic W123 generation, launched in January 1976. All courtesy of an inspired video compilation put together by Old Benz youtube channel.

Here’s a breakdown of the video. Which E-Class generation is your favorite?

00:27 Mercedes w123

00:50 Mercedes w124

01:17 Mercedes W210

01:44 Mercedes w211

02:10 Mercedes w212

02:37 Mercedes w213 2016