2017 Mercedes E-Class Detroit debut confirmed by design chief Wagener

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The 2017 Mercedes E-Class will debut at the Detroit motor show next January, the firm’s design chief Gorden Wagener has confirmed to British magazine Autocar.

It was first thought the fifth generation E-Class’ premiere will take place in March, at the Geneva motor show, on time for the commercial debut slated for April 2016.

Speaking to Autocar at the LA motor show, Wagener revealed the 2017 Mercedes E-Class will feature an “all-new design, much more beautiful and modern. Much cleaner than even the C-Class and S-Class”. According to Mercedes’ styling boss, dramatic rear-wheel drive proportions, cab-back oriented, are a given.

The interior is set to make a significant leap forward, assimilated by Gorden Wagener to a “two generations ” gap compared to the current generation. “Going back to the present E-Class will feel like going back to the stone age,” the design chief explains.

And if we take into consideration the spy pics we’ve seen so far, indeed, he might be right. The 2017 Mercedes E-Class will basically replicate the bigger S-Class’ plush interior layout complete with the dual 12 inch screen arrangement and the latest Command infotainment system featuring a rotary control knob, fresh menu structure and augmented reality functions. Everything from the fit and finish to the very seats are, and we quote again, “beautiful, a work of art, crafted in a luxurious, modern style echoing a chauffeur car”.

Tech-wise, the all-new 2017 E-Class will inherit the MRA modular platform from the W205 C-Class. The wheelbase will be extended though for superior interior space. The engine line will be all-new for the E-Class with a fresh family of diesels (OM654) and petrols developed on the modular principle as three-, four-, and six-cylinder units constructed from a multiple of identical 0.5-liter cylinders. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE NEW ENGINE LINE-UP HERE.

Via Autocar