2017 Mercedes E-Class caught again on video in 100 copies

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2017 Mercedes E-Class posed again for amateur car spotter Walko who caught Stuttgart’s new pride and glory again on video. And the camouflage is pnly getting thinner as the upcoming large sedan inches closer to its January debut.

It’s not the first time Walko catches up with Mercedes’ engineers and the prototypes they drive. This time around though he filmed more than 100 copies of the all-new 2017 Mercedes E-Class, in different states of camo – from the classic psychedelic schemes to plain canvas covers.

Set to be available in limousine (March 2016), Combi (September 2016), Coupe (March 2017) and Cabrio (September 2017) guises, the all-new E-Class will be developed on the same MRA modular platform as the C-Class in longer wheelbase form. A top Maybach version with longer wheelbase and more luxury amenities is also in the cards.

Following BMW’s lead, the engine line-up will be populated with a series of fresh engines developed on the modular principle as three-, four-, and six-cylinder units constructed from a multiple of identical 0.5-liter cylinders. As a result, Mercedes will go back to its L6 roots and launch a new family of 3-liter twin-turbo inline-6 engines, codenamed M256. They could develop as much as 430 hp and be offered straight from the outset with the all-new 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission.

The base 4-cylinder engine will be lifted straight from the smaller sibling, while an all-new generation of diesels (OM654) is set to replace the current OM 651 range. A Plug-In Hybrid is also earmarked for production with the power of the electric engine expected to range from 102 HP to 122 HP compared with the current output of 82 to 116 HP.

The AMG sourced 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 in slightly detuned form and 421 PS will sit at the top of the range, effectively replacing the 408 PS 4.7-liter found in today’s E500/E550 models. The AMG 63 model will receive the same AMG GT sourced engine, but without the dry sump lubrication and with approximately 560 PS on tap.

With an official premiere slated for next year’s Detroit or Geneva motor show, the all-new 2016 Mercedes E-Class will come to showrooms in early 2016.

Source: Walko on Youtube