2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe caught on tape

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The new Mercedes E-Class inches closer to its official debut in Detroit. But it won’t be alone for long as the upcoming E-Class Coupe also gets ready to join the rejuvenated range in late 2016. 

Known under the internal code C213, the Coupe will be the third of four initial models to launch in the new E-Class lineup, following the four-door sedan and five-door estate. Now the all-new GT has been caught on video, performing its final round of pre-production testing.

Styling inspiration will come from sedan, but the parallels stop from the A-pillar onwards. The new Coupe features unique detailing such as the long frameless doors, a heavily plunging roofline, prominent hunches over the rear wheel arches, a generously tapered glasshouse, acutely angled rear window, high-set bootlid, horizontally mounted tail-lights and trapezoidal tailpipes integrated into the lower section of the rear bumper.

New from the ground up, Mercedes’ new Coupe will be based on the same MRA platform used by the E-Class sedan. Modular fresh engines constructed from a multiple of identical 0.5-liter cylinders will take center stage with all-new four and L6 six-cylinder (code M256) units making their debut right from the outset. The new family of 3-liter twin-turbo inline-6 engines will develop as much as 430 hp while at the upper end of the range the AMG 63 will offer at least 560 hp courtesy of the AMG sourced 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 of GT fame. A Plug-In Hybrid is also earmarked for production with the power of the electric engine expected to range from 102 HP to 122 HP compared with the current output of 82 to 116 HP.

Diesel fans will also be happy to hear the 2017 Mercedes E-Class will debut alongside a new range of oil-burners, codenamed OM654. Also, no three-cylinder for the E-Class as the base 4-cylinder engine lifted straight from the C-Class remaining the smallest engine in the line-up. Mercedes canceled the three-cylinder program for refinement reasons – the smaller units are said to vibrate excessively if mounted longitudinally.

VIDEO SOURCE: Walko on youtube