2017 C-Class Cabrio caught on video. See it in motion

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Another day, another Mercedes secret revealed. All-new 2017 C-Class Cabrio shows its final design cues in the latest spy video from Walko.

Mercedes’ first-ever C-Class Cabrio will be positioned right at the base of the three pointed star’s drop-top line-up. Set to premiere early next year, the new model won’t go the hard-top route. Instead, Mercedes has opted for a canvas roof, keeping the weight in check due to the lower complexity of the system.

So, the new C-Class Cabrio will surely be one of the most light-footed drop-tops in its segment. Now that we’ve got that straight, what about its design? Relying heavily on the gorgeous all-new C-Class Coupe for inspiration, the future C-Class Cabrio can only up the ante with even sleeker proportions, thanks to the elongated profile instilled by the disappearance of the fixed roof.

(The C-Class shows up after the 0:24 minute mark.)

Mercedes’ design chief Gorden Wagener goes as far as putting the new C-Class Cabrio ahead of the universally acclaimed S-Class Coupe in therms of sheer presence and beauty.

Tech-wise, the 2017 C-Class Cabrio will replicate the Coupe’s recipe. Rear-wheel-drive MRA platform, four- and six- cylinder engines plus the sweet bi-turbo V8 of AMG GT fame destined for the top-of-the-line Mercedes-AMG C 63 Cabrio variant.

So you might wonder whom will the 2017 C-Class Cabrio go up against, especially since the bigger E-Class Coupe will move upmarket and inherit the upcoming E-Class’ foundation – in fact a variation of the same MRA sporting bigger tracks and wheelbase. The usual suspects in the rivalry department will of course be the Audi A5 cabrio and BMW 3 Series cabrio with the former set to receive an all-new generation as well sometimes next year.

Source: Walko on Youtube