2016 Mercedes SLC gets a facelift, poses for spy video

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2016 Mercedes SLC (formerly the SLK) will undergo a major overhaul. The fresh roadster has been caught on video by Walko, the amateur spy camera man providing weekly insight into Mercedes’ future line-up.

The new letter in the name will also bring more than just an alphabetical reference to the C-Class – the SLC will also borrow most of its exterior and interior features which can only be regarded as good news since the new medium sized sedan (and break) from Mercedes-Benz is quite a looker.

The final design is clearly visible despite black covers still covering the front radiator grille, the front bumper and the headlights. The secret graphics inside is what will define the new SLC’s visual character, though. Pretty much the same story goes for the rear: the bumper and air diffuser are rather well covered while the taillights are basically hiding in plain sight just like their front counterparts.

The more important part of the SLC refresh, though, comes from under the bonnet where the new car will get more powerful four cylinder engines and an optional 9-speed automatic transmission which should be able to give the new car a very well balanced performance/efficiency ratio.

There’s no official talk of a high-performance AMG version for the SLC, but expect it to have a tuned down version of the superb 4.0 liter V8 engine found in the C 63 AMG as well.

Rumours are saying that Mercedes-Benz plan to launch the new SLC roadster no sooner than next year’s Geneva motor show in March. With the current model on the market since 2011, this would make it a very late facelift indeed, signaling the fact that Mercedes-Benz is trying to boost its sales for the later part of the car’s career. The convertibles market isn’t in any way at its peak with sales on a constant downfall and Mercedes-Benz is severely affected by that having two exclusively convertible models in the form of the SLC and the SL, also set to receive a facelift early next year.

Source: Walko on Youtube