All-new 2016 Mercedes E-Class interior fully revealed (with video)

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2016 Mercedes E-Class interior has been revealed in full, ahead of the Detroit motor show premiere next January. Taking its inspiration from the S-Class, the state of the art dashboard features the same futuristic wide 12.3 inch dual displays arrangement. FULL DETAILS.

After a flurry of spy pictures and videos revealing every facet – including the interior; of the upcoming fifth-generation E-Class, Mercedes has decided to unveil the technology secrets and full equipment details of its all-new sedan.

Technorati will feel right at home inside the 2016 Mercedes E-Class which takes the progressive path already laid out by its bigger brother, the S-Class. The standard instrument cluster is history. Now the dashboard is dominated by two generous displays with a screen diagonal of 31.2 cm or 12.3 inches each. Total resolution of the dual-display arrangement is 1920 x 720 pixels and although there are two screens, they merge seamlessly into one, without being divided by the classic switches grafted between them, as found the S-Class.


The traditional instruments are virtually displayed in the widescreen cockpit. The center console hosts the central display directly connected to the infotainment system of the E-Class, the state of the art Comand Online. When equipped with navigation, the E-Class virtually displays the maps in full format on the central screen. Informative graphics and animations take alternatively 2/3 of the display on the right, while the remaining 1/3 section displays additional (also configurable) information. Three display themes (Classic, Sport and Progressive) can be chosen, altering the look of the instrument cluster and the content shown in each screen.

When specced in basic guise, the 2016 Mercedes only features the central display with a screen diagonal of 21,3 cm and a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. Instead of the electronic instrument cluster, the driver looks at two classic round dials integrating a 17 cm (8,4 inch) color display showing various information provided by the journey computer, the navigation etc. The center console also houses four air vents and – right under the buttons for the climate control; a luxurious-looking analog clock.


Another important innovation accompanying the 2016 Mercedes E-Class is the dual touch sensitive touchpad arrangement placed on the steering wheel spokes. These allow the driver to access and navigate through the infotainment system by swiping motions. Additional classic switches control the volume or the phone features. Alternatively, interacting with the well-known touchpad in the center console is possible – however, this feature is said to be abolished in the medium term.

Two different center consoles

Otherwise, the dashboard integrates the typical Mercedes style cues, taking its inspiration straight from the S- and C-Class. The display give the appearance of floating seamlessly, an impression further enhanced by the LED ambient backlighting – available in 64 configurable colours. Models equipped with an automatic transmission feature a continuous center console “with high connectivity staged by a control panel in ‘Black Panel-glass optics,” says Mercedes. Two separate contrasting trims are offered for the alternatively configured center console variant in models with manual transmissions.


A wireless charging mat for mobile phones and a USB connector for Apple CarPlay functionality are now hidden in the storage compartment at the base of the console with two additional USB connections and an SD card slot also available in the armrest storage compartment.

2016-mercedes-e-class-5Of course, the interior is completely cover with wood, leather and aluminum, depending on the implementation.

The seating chapter also spawns a rich option palette. Mercedes has designed the designed the seats differently depending on the equipment line. In the basic version they are available in fabric. In the AVANTGARDE line, the seating area is cross-stitched and fitted with rear ventilation function. In the AMG-line the 2016 Mercedes E-Class will provide greater bolstering for improved side support while the seats dedicated to the Exclusive Line are distinguished by their longitudinally stitched center panels spawned in a color coordinated fabric and leather combination. Last but not the least, the exclusive Designo line brings an exquisitely shaped seating upholstery with diamond pattern.


As expected, the new E-Class will also cater in style for the most sensitive of ears. As standard, Mercedes offers a professional system with front-bass, while a state of the art Burmester surround sound system is also available as an option – a further development of the system found in the S-Class.

New assistance systems for the Mercedes E-Class

One area the new Mercedes E-Class will make a significant leap forward is the safety and comfort with various systems for semi-autonomous driving taking center stage.

The new E-Class – Intelligence and Safety Completely new on board are the Intelligent Drive Next Level and the Evasive Steering systems, semi-autonomous functions that can – at any time; be overridden by the driver. Also new to the E-Class is the Active Brake Assist with junction function. In addition, the E-Class is also offering industry first Car-to-X communication capabilities based on the wireless technology, fully communicating with other cars similarly equipped and warn the driver, brake or act accordingly to the imminent dangers. As an option, the new E-Class can also be remotedly controlled via a smartphone app for parking manouevres. The smartphone can be used to open or close the doors. The driver will be able to secure the car when leaving for a brief moment such as in a garage door opening scenario.

Intelligent Drive next Level is the next step to the autonomous driving. The system is able to keep the car at a correct distance behind slower vehicles ahead automatically  and can also follow them in their lane at a speeds from 0 of up to 200 km/h. At speeds up to 130 km/h, the system is not dependent on clearly visible lane markings as it can also intervene if the lines on the road are unclear or there are no lines on the road at all.

If the Comand Online is ordered, the optional Speed Limit Pilot subfunction can autonomously adjust the vehcicle’s speed according to informations received from the camera detected speed limits.


Active Lane Change Assist (a sub-function of DRIVE PILOT and a component of the Driving Assistance Package) steers the new E-Class into the adjacent lane when the driver activates the turn indicator for more than two seconds, if sensors do not detect any vehicles in the relevant safety zone. It is also inconsequential whether the vehicle wants to return to the right-hand lane or steer to the left for overtaking. It works at speeds between 80 and 180 km/h (50-112 mph), when the Steering Pilot is activated.

Active Brake Assist can warn the driver of imminent crash situations, provide just the right level of assistance in the event of sudden braking and also apply the brake automatically in an emergency. In adition to detecting the slower-moving and the stationary vehicles, it also detects and reacts to crossing traffic at junctions, the tail ends of traffic jams and pedestrians. The Active Brake Assist is active in a speed range from 7 up to 250 km / hr for moving objects and from 7 to 70 km / h for stationary objects. Under optimal conditions, the system is fully able to prevent a collision on a stationary vehicle or a collision with pedestrians up to a speed of about 65 km / h. Cross-traffic collisions should also be avoided thanks to the intersection function at speeds as high as 50 km / h. In traffic jam scenarios, the Active Brake Assist is able to automatically stop the car from a speed of maximum 90 km / h.

Evasive Steering Assist is the ideal complement to the pedestrian detection function of Active Brake Assist. When the driver deliberately or instinctively performs an evasive manoeuvre in a dangerous situation, this function can assist by adding precisely calculated steering torque to support the movement of the steering wheel.

The new E-Class – Intelligence and SafetyRemote Parking Pilot can park the car or take out the car from the parking space with the driver staying outside the car and using a smartphone application. It helps in the situations in which parking space is very tight.

Car-to-X Communication allows the mobile phone-supported exchange of information with other vehicles further ahead on the road, for example, can effectively allow the driver to see around corners or through obstacles. This means that the driver receives an earlier warning than previously in the event of imminent danger, such as vehicle in an accident.

Digital car key allows the driver’s smartphone to be used as a vehicle key.

Pre-Safe Impulse side system offers additional protection in case of side collision is detected. The air chambers in the backrest side bolsters inflate rapidly to prevently move the occupant sideways, away from the danger area. This increases the distance between passenger and door.

Pre-Safe sound protects the passengers ears from the expected noise in the event of a possible collision.

Multibeam LED headlamps each with 84 high performance LEDs automatically illuminate the road with precision controlled distribution of very bright light without blinding other road users.

Last but not the least on board are the already known systems like Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist and Pre-Safe Plus, all of which were recalibrated in therms of their functionality and sensor accuracy. Airbags are integrated into the outer rear belts, a feature already on offer for the S-Class.