20 billion commitment: Daimler announces serious investment in electric cars and batteries

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Daimler puts a lot of money into electric driving. The German giant will spend at least 20 billion euros in the coming years on the purchase of batteries.

In addition to the announced investment, the fleet of electrically powered vehicles marketed under the special label EQ will be expanded considerably. By 2022 there must be an electric variant of each of the approximately 130 types of cars wearing the Mercedez-Benz badge.

Vans, buses and trucks must also be fitted with an electric motor. Daimler thinks that by 2025 approximately 15 to 25 per cent of total sales will be covered by an electric variant. Earlier this year, the EQ C was unveiled, later the more compact EQ A and EQ B will reach the market.

The company is investing ten billion euros in the expansion of the Mercedes-Benz Cars electric fleet and another billion euros in the global battery production network within the worldwide production network. Daimler is also investing more than one billion euros in a global battery production network within the worldwide production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The global battery production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars will in the future consist of eight factories on three continents. The first factory in Kamenz is already in series production and the second factory there will start series production at the beginning of 2019. Two more factories will be built in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, one at the company’s Sindelfingen site, and one each at the sites in Beijing (China), Bangkok (Thailand) and Tuscaloosa (USA). Over the next twelve years, the production growth of the cells will provide 51,000 extra jobs.