2 ton luxury: Brabus VIP Lounge Conference

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Brabus VIP Lounge Conference. Every now and then the German tuning house comes surprisingly from the corner and this week is no different. We get a packed to the sky with luxury… Sprinter.

Looking for space and inner beauty? Mercedes tuner Brabus’ vision of a Conference Sprinter VIP Lounge is your destination, a bus overflowing with luxurious decoration. The Brabus Sprinter comes with a conference table that can be easily taken out to free up cabin space, six USB ports, a fast mobile Internet connection thanks to the onboard LTE-compatible router and an air suspension to soak up any road bumps and cocoon the plush cabin. The Alcantara-covered headliner is home to additional air vents, which can be remotely controlled too.

It is not the first time that Brabus fully loaded a Sprinter. Two years ago we got too see such a bus, the one that stands today on stage, is a sequel to it. In the long list of available gadgets we also find heated leather seats, an abundance of TV screens, tablets, Apple TV, fridges, BlueRay players and so on. Under the hood lies Meredes’ capable 3.0-liter V6 diesel that kicks up to 190 hp.

Luxury comes at a price, of course. Brabus asks €224,910 (almost $252,000) for the VIP Conference Lounge – approximately $60,000 more than the price tag of a Mercedes-Maybach S600.

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