1984 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC Looks Fabulous, $12,000 Reserve at Auction Not Met

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This used to be a treasure back in the 80s. And it still is if maintained properly. Unfortunately though, this 1984 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC did not meet the 10,000 pounds ($12,287) auction reserve.

It was powerful, fast, expensive and classy. The C126 coupe ticked all the right boxes. But those may be a bit outdated today. This particular Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC was up for sale via Bonhams, in the United Kingdom. It was first registered in the UK in 1985 and it never left the country. The owner, living in the village of Cholsey, in the UK, wanted it to look meaner and took it to Lorinser for some mods. This is how it ended up with white Rial 16-inch wheels with Riken Road Performance tires and several new parts in the rear and front, plus various chrome trimming.

Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC (6)

Despite being almost 40 years old, the car doesn’t look bad at all. It features a 737 Classic White Paint, which is not impeccable, but not a disaster either. It sports some blisters every here and there, but there’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

The last time the owner carried out a refresh of the body paint and of the interior was 2010, meaning 12 years ago. That is also how long it stayed in storage.

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There is Mushroom-colored leather on board, covering up the door panels and dashboard. The center console and dashboard also display a classic wooden trim. Lorinser also fitted the four-spoke Momo steering wheel. The car now sports a Kenwood KRC-1022D radio and cassette player. That’s so 80s, isn’t it? Whoever will be buying this car will also get air conditioning and a sunroof. The seller claims all the equipment is still functional.

The hood hides the V8 that develops 231 PS (228 HP). Those figures were enough to push the Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC to a top speed of 225 km/h (140 mph).


Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC from THE MARKET by Bonhams on Vimeo.