1933 Maybach DS8 Zeppelin Roadster for sale

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It’s not everyday that a 1933 Maybach DS8 Zeppelin Roadster is available for purchase, but there is one specific day when it will surely happen: the 26th of September 2015 when Bonhams will hold an auction for the Frederiksen Collection.

The Frederikson Collection is considered to be one of the finest in Europe due to the fact it’s almost entirely made out of coach built models of unimaginable value. Well, on the 26th of September, we will get to know their exact value.

The Maybach Zeppelin was created in 1929 and named after the company’s famous role in the production of zeppelins during the World War I, when they provided the engines. The first version, the DS7, was a huge luxury limousine weighing almost three tons – a fact that required extra certification from the German drivers at that time.

With all those thousands of kilograms hanging, it required a pretty hefty engine if it wanted to be able to move at all. And it did come with a seven liter V12 able to produce 150 hp at low enough rpms (2,800).

In 1930 came the DS8, which had a larger eight liter engine which delivered a third more power (200 hp), making it one of the fastest cars of its time. It is said that the Roadster version like the one on sale in late September was able to reach speeds of up to 171 km/h.

“Rarely does one see a single-owner collection that showcases such a broad variety of important brands, and yet still keeps to such a clear, historic theme where manufacturers pursue motoring perfection. It’s truly remarkable,” said Bonhams co-chairman, Malcolm Barber.

Aside from the Maybach, the impressive Frederiksen Collection also houses three Mercedes-Benz models, three Cadillacs, no less than thirteen Rolls-Royces and two Bentleys, not to mention single cars from Lagonda, Duesenberg, Jaguar, Horch, Chrysler, Renault, Citroën, Isotta Fraschini, Ahrens-Fox, Lincoln, Stutz, Packard, Auburn, Pierce Arrow and Alvis.

The Frederiksen Collection auction will be held on site at the 16th Century Lyngsbækgaard Manor near Ebeltoft, Denmark on Saturday, the 26th of September. Prior registration might be required so check out the Bonhams website if you’re interested.