1,300 HP Mercedes-AMG R50 hypercar to launch in Paris

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The much hyped Mercedes-AMG R50 supercar is said to pack as much as 1,300 HP and launch at the Paris motor show, as soon as next month – according to industry rumors expert Georg Kacher.

Kacher says the Mercedes-AMG R50 will be powered by a mid-mounted, 2.0-liter turbo four, though the 1.6-liter V6 turbo engine from the F1 W07 Formula 1 car could also be used. Three additional electric motors; two at the front wheels and a third in the transmission housing, should take total power to 1,300 HP.

The design is said to be an extreme mix between the W07 F1 Formula 1 car and LMP1 Le Mans racers. The supercar gets gullwing doors as an homage to the 300SL and C111 and C112 mid-engine concepts. The car’s chassis and body will be built around an F1-style carbonfibre monocoque. Driver and passenger sit low in a transverse tub, feet stretched out almost horizontally.

The car will feature active aerodynamics, with adjustable front flaps and a ground-effect floorpan design. Its multi-functional rear spoiler can switch to low-drag mode at high speed, support cornering stability by means of downforce-enhancing air blades on both sides, adjust the front-to-rear aerodynamic balance, and act as an air brake.

And should anyone have a bad night sleep over the price targets in this segment: AMG is aiming for four million euro for its new hypercar.

Source: automobilemag.com