Mercedes-AMG Project One is the name of the anniversary hypercar (update)

Mercedes-AMG 50th years anniversary model
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Formula 1 inspired Mercedes-AMG hypercar named Mercedes-AMG Project One (code name R50) has been teased again ahead of its autumn debut from the Frankfurt Motorshow. The spectacular mid-engined coupe will borrow much of its technology from Formula 1.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar (code name R50) will be a closed, all-carbonfibre, mid-engined two-seater. The design target for the hypercar was to create “the most efficient hypercar with an outstanding driving dynamic capability, not necessarily the most powerful – in every respect”. The car’s body will be styled around a carbonfibre monocoque similar to that used in F1, with software and technology harnessed from Mercedes’ F1 W07 racer.

The R50 will benefit from active aerodynamics, four-wheel drive and integral steering, becoming “the first street legal car with an F1 engine,” according to Mercedes boss Dr Dieter Zetsche. This confirms the turbo 1.6-liter V6 from Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 car. Two turbochargers should be good for a total power of approximately 1,000 HP at 12,000 rpm. In addition, two electric motors should provide the muscle bundle of extra power, complete with a sci-fi KERS energy-recovery system. Total output should target up to 1.300-1.500 HP, while the kerbweight is expected to clock in at 702 kg or two times lighter than the similarly powered Bugatti Chiron.

Mercedes-AMG Project One will use of both forms of energy recovery system found in modern F1 cars: the MGU-K that converts mechanical and heat energy into electrical energy that can be stored for later deployment, and the MGU-H system that takes heat from the exhaust and uses it to create electrical energy.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar will be a joint project between AMG in Affalterbach, Germany, and the F1 powertrain team in Brixworth, Northampton. Only 300 units will be produced and the entire run is said to be almost sold out. Tobias Moers, AMG Chief declared to the british press that “production capacity is at the limit and AMG R50 is an impressive car which cannot be compared with any other rival from the market”. The estimated price of the Mercedes-AMG Project One is 2 million euro.

The market for hypercars will grow in the next years with the new Aston Martin RB001 (900 HP, 900 kg) developed together with Red Bull and the future McLaren hypercar, successor for the P1, planned for 2019, with three seats configuration like the famous F1 from 1992.