World first: All-new 2018 Mercedes B-Class revealed
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World first: All-new 2018 Mercedes B-Class revealed

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Mercedes-Benz is working hard on a successor for the current B-class. With the third generation 2018 Mercedes B-class, the Germans come with a more appropriate response to BMW’s 2-Series Active and Gran Tourer. FIRST SPY PICS.

MPVs are not very popular anymore, but that did not stop BMW bringing the 2-Series Active Tourer and the Gran Tourer to the market a few years ago. Of course, the Bavarians were only following Mercedes’ lead,  as the B-Class is now already at its third iteration. The second generation appeared on the market in 2011 and was subjected to a facelift at the end of 2014. In the meantime, we are three years ahead and Mercedes-Benz is not only working on a brand new A, but also a new B-class!

The third-generation B-Class that has now emerged must be on the market next year, and Mercedes-Benz seems to stick to the MPV concept to some degree. That in contrast to rumors that gave the impression that the B-class would be transformed into a more cross-over-like model. From these espionage photos, it is found that the new B-Class is less busy design-wise than the model currently in the showrooms. We expect to meet the same technology as in the brand new A-Class that will reach the market next year.

Around 2022, Mercedes-Benz wants to have ten new electric models in its line-up so it is quite conceivable that the B-Class will again be available in fully electrically driven form. For classic power trains, Mercedes announces for 2018 the proliferation of the 48V mild hybrid powertrain on four-cylinder engines.

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