Will the insane E-Class All-Terrain 4×4² be produced? There is a chance!

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There is only one E-Class All-Terrain 4×4² in the world, conceived and built by a Mercedes-Benz mechanic in his own free time, yet the 3-pointed star company has made part of the investments. Now his project is about to hit the assembly line, MotorTrend reports.

Mercedes-Benz has been receiving a high demand from customers interested in the E-Class All-Terrain 4×4² project. The Stuttgart-based grand brand is considering sending a limited-edition series of the vehicle with portal axles onto the market in the near future.

Sporting a ground clearance of 40 centimeters and outrageously massive tires of 31 inches, the vehicle lacks the low-range gear box and lock differentials, but could get them once it rolls out the factory gate.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain 4x4² (6)

Considering the success of the its odd ancestors, the G63 AMG 6×6  and the G500-le 4×4², Mercedes is planning to appeal to those with exotic tastes in cars, so the E-Class All-Terrain 4×4² might be seen on the road sooner than… never!

The unit built by Jurgen Eberle is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 unit, which might not make it under the hood of the series production model. instead, the unit might make room for the company’s new M256 3.0-liter inline six, producing 435 HP.

Recently tested by MotorTrend for the “Ignition” TV show, the E-Class All-Terrain 4×4² has successfully passed the exclusive exam: “Imagine driving over pillows—huge piles of pillows—that’s what going off-road in this thing feels like”, says the show’s host Jonny Lieberman.