The ultimate battle – The Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS executives join their own race

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Forget about the battle of the egos driven by world champions Lewis Hamilton and runner up Nico Rosberg! The real battles are between the executives of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS! Who wins? Well, all we can tell is that boss Toto Wolff loses! Don’t they know that they should not mess with the boss?

With Nico Rosberg’s two penalties in two races and with contract still on the table, the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS executives are having a plenty of fun two weeks before the Hungarian Grand Prix.

This is the ultimate race: Executive Director (Technical) Paddy Lowe versus Managing Director Andy Cowell in the ultimate F1 obstacle course: it’s all ups and downs in Formula 1 and it’s all about who is faster.

It is not the first time the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS executives take up racing. Last Christmas they totaled the office and almost scratched the previous season’s racing car displayed in the lounge area, when the head of the Mercedes motorsport, Toto Wolff, and Engineering Master Aldo Costa, tried the karts they received as a present from Red Bull Racing. “Did I hit the car?”, was Wolff’s main worry.

Well, they should know by now the boss is always right!