The fairy of pop-art and the Mercedes-Benz GLC – Hybrid by Nature

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Bright blue sky, passing clouds, their reflections almost touching the water’s surface; wild flowers so towering that they overshadow the new Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 e 4MATIC. Well, not quite! That’s not a model to be easily overshadowed.

It all happens in the video that promotes the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Campaign Spring/Summer 2016. And there is a reason for using the 350e in the video, since the campaign is called Hybrid by Nature, just like the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Hybrid by Nature

This is not quite like the videos we are used to seeing from Mercedes-Benz. But it was the idea of the fashion editor and stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. The expert created a digitally-idealised version of ecological perfection that culminates in a playful encounter between natural beauty and the pure perfection of the Mercedes-Benz GLC Plug-In Hybrid. To round up the encounter, she has chosen Dutch top model Doutzen Kroes.

The video is meant to display the progressive symbiosis of style and sustainability, proving that the eco-friendly touch and the thrilling driving performances match as if they were designer bags and sky-high heels.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Hybrid by Nature

On set, while shooting the video, Cerf de Dudzeele says: “Eco-friendly doesn’t always have to be boring, it can be luxurious.”

The luxurious Mercedes-Benz GLC Plug-In Hybrid flaunts its 34-kilometer range and a glamour also displayed by the beauty who is getting on top of the hood for the advertising video. Her bright positive vibes spice up her chemistry with both the car and the camera.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Hybrid by Nature

The name of the French fashion guru Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele may sound unfamiliar for those who are more interested in engines than make up. She is the one who styled Anna Wintour’s first ever VOGUE cover 27 years ago. She recently took full control of her own creativity and dare more. Just as shown in the video that puts on our screen the Dutch fairy of pop-art and the eco-friendly Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 e 4MATIC.