Shine bright like a Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz CLS 350
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Less is more, or so they say. Apparently, not everyone follows the same principle. Some people go for opulence and glamour, like this 21 year-old Russian business student who owns a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350, coated with one million Swarovski crystals.

The body, including the handles and lining surrounding the badges, was covered in Swarovski crystals. Obviously, the only parts spared were the wheels, tires, lamps, the glass and the plate numbers. Even though, Daria Radionova, the owner of this car, did not disclose how much she spent on the customization, sources claim that it must have cost her around $33.000.


People finishing their Mercedes-Benz cars with various stuff like gold or Swarovski crystals are no longer new. Take Muhammad Ali for example, who covered his Mercedes-Benz 220S in 23-karat gold, plus around 270 precious stones. Sometimes people just want to stand out from the crowd, no matter what means they use to achieve this.