The Pedigree Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter turned into a vet clinic
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“Awww, how cute!” This is what this doctor gets every day! Well, most people don’t refer to him when they say this. But to his pedigree Sprinter. The vet turned a van into a mobile clinic for all kinds of animals.

Dr. Venkat treats the cat as a mobile vet. The veterinarian Venkat Kuncharapu completely transformed his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into a mobile clinic, that goes right at the patients’ front door. Most pet owners are terrified of their animals’ reactions during a trip to the vet, even if it’s just for a routine check up. Sometimes, two doctors and three nurses are not enough to hold a puppy still for a vaccine. So Doctor Kuncharapu saw a business opportunity there. He requested an electrically raising table in his Sprinter, a refrigerator for keeping medicine, an anesthesia machine, a microscope and anything that helps him perform just about any small medical procedure that his canine or feline patients should need.

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The Sprinter carries its own water and produces its own electricity. An aftermarket company turned his van into a surgery room and laboratory that neither dogs, nor cats are afraid of. “When the doctor opens the door, the dog runs right into the van”, a pet owner says completely mesmerized by the chemistry between his barking friend and the vet. “Another happy client”, states the doctor. And the white Labrador sitting next to him on the electrically raised table, couldn’t agree more.

Dr. Kuncharapu grew up with animals, took care of them for all his life and has always dreamt of having his own clinic. “Right now, I am living my dream. Mercedes-Benz made it possible!”, he says, among “bow wows”, wagging tails and “meows”. After 10 years office-based practice in Los Angeles, California, the doctor makes road trips every day all around the city, to help those who can’t go to a vet clinic.

Thumbs up for the doctor and his Sprinter Van clinic. Or should we say “Paws up!”? Yes, we know, you won’t believe it until you see it, so here is the video:

And we’ve got good news for the vet, in case he should want to expand his business. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will also be produced in the United States. Right now, all the Sprinter customers are having it shipped in kits across the Atlantic and then assembled in South Carolina. At the time being, the USA market is the largest for the Sprinter outside Germany.