Next-generation Mercedes CLS confirmed for 2018
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Next-generation Mercedes CLS confirmed for 2018

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The all-new, second-gen Mercedes CLS will hit Benz showrooms in mid-2018. Confirmation comes courtesy of AutoNews who cites several well placed inside sources within Daimler.

Following Mercedes’ current launch schedule, the arrival of an all-new CLS two years from now seems logical. Next year we will see the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe, followed by an all-new Cabrio later in 2017, while next in line is the aforementioned second-gen CLS.

Now things do get more interesting when the name of the future CLS is taken into account. At the end of 2014, Mercedes-Benz announced that it will organize its models differently. For example, the segments are divided into the A, C, E, and S classes. So the smallest crossover logically is the GLA and the medium-sized SUV is called the GLC. The current CLS was still on the market at the time of the ancient name structure. It seems only logical that the new generation of the E-Class derived four-door coupe will change its name to CLE.

The design will be evolutionary, not revolutionary. What this means is a familiar 4-door coupe that looks low and stretched, with front and rear light units similar to the ones on the C- and S-Class Coupe.

Underneath the sleek body, the new CLS will feature the E-Class’ MRA modular architecture. The new platform gives the future CLE a 6.5 centimeter longer wheelbase and undoubtedly more interior space. Thanks to the extensive use of aluminum, the weight – like the E-Class – of the CLE is expected to decrease by about 100 kilos compared to the current model. The engines will also be lifted from the new E-Class, new straight six-cylinder units included.

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