New info about the next Mercedes E-Class

Future Mercedes E-Class
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We have new informations about the future Mercedes E-Class which will be launched in the first quarter of 2016.

We wrote already about the new future Mercedes-Benz E-Class but now we come with some new informations.

The new E-Class limousine will be 10 cm longer than the actual generation reaching almost five meters. Mercedes promise much more comfort due to an increased wheelbase and a standard air suspension on the rear axle (the air suspension will be optional for the front axle).

The space in the rear will be more generous thanks to the new longer wheelbase. The estate version will look more stylish instead the boxy design from the actual generation. For this reason, the boot volume will not increase despite the length of the body will increase with around 10 cm.

The new design will help to get an excellent Cx with only 0.23 (former generation 0.25) The excellent aerodynamics and the reduce of the weight with over 100 kg will help dramatically to improve the fuel consumption. Our estimations are that the base version of the future E-Class will weight around 1,500 kg, compared with 1,535 kg for Audi A6 and 1,595 kg for BMW 5 Series.

The new E-Class will feature a completely new dashboard. The analogue instrument cluster will be replace by a huge display with 70 x 15 cm which could be controlled with the touchpad placed in the central console. Mercedes will not use the technology with touchscreen or gesture like BMW will do in the next 7 Series in this autumn.

The new E-Class will be launched in the first quarter of 2016 with the 4-cylinder petrol engines taken over from the C-Class. A new generation of diesels will replace the actual OM 651 generation.

In 2017, the model range will be completed with the new bi-turbo 6-inline engines which will replace the actual V6s.

No, Mercedes will not copy BMW. The strategy is different. Mercedes will build a new engine family with 4 and 6 cylinders which will use many common components and the V6 architecture does not fit this strategy.