Mercedes sales July 2018: an all time record of 1,356,350 units

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Mercedes sales July 2018: Mercedes-Benz already sold 1,356,350 vehicles in the first seven months of this year (+2.3%) which represent an all-time record.

Last month was the second-best July in the history of the brand with the three-pointed star, after July 2017, with worldwide sales of 167,518 passenger cars, despite new WLTP rules that led to constraints in the availability of some models.

Mercedes-Benz maintained its market leadership as the premium brand with the highest number of new registrations in the first seven months in markets including Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal, USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Brazil.

Sales by region

In Europe, Mercedes-Benz sold 65,568 vehicles in July (-13.9%). But the new C-Class family launched last month in Europe will help to increase sales.
542,358 units were sold in Europe in the first seven months, slight below the record from the same period of the lat year (-3.2%). 173,721 cars were sold in the domestic market Germany (-2.7%) in the first seven months while in France, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Denmark the sales has increased compared with the same period from 2017.

In the Asia-Pacific region, strong demand for Mercedes-Benz models in July led to a new best figure of 73,484 units sold (+4.6%). In the first seven months of the year, significant growth of 11.4% was posted. A total of 566,842 customers were receive  their new car, which represent ann all-time record.

The biggest sales market last month was China with 52,616 passenger cars delivered and an increase of 8.3%. Since the beginning of the year, 392,780 units have been sold there, representing growth of 15.1%. Mercedes-Benz thus set a new sales record for the first seven months in China, as also in South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

In the NAFTA region, a total of 24,884 Mercedes-Benz cars were delivered to customers in July (-19.0%) and 216,133 since the beginning of the year (-3.6%).

The brand with the three-pointed star sold 20,034 cars in the USA last month (-22.7%). From January to July Mercedes-Benz delivered a total amount of 178,882 cars in the USA

(-4.8%) and maintained its market leadership in the premium segment. In Mexico, thanks to double-digit growth rates, Mercedes-Benz set new best-ever sales figures for a July and for the first seven months of a year.

Sales by models

Sales of the S-Class Saloon increased last month by 16.5% to 4,906 units. Unit sales doubled in Germany, one of the model’s biggest markets, and in Japan they actually more than quadrupled. From January to July, more than 48,000 units of the S-Class Saloon were sold (+26.3%).The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class achieved a new sales record since the beginning of the year.

The C-Class Saloon and Estate posted worldwide sales of 29,298 units in July (-9.9%). Although the market launch of the new models has not yet started in the Asia-Pacific region, the C-Class was particularly well received by customers in China. The C-Class Saloon and Estate models set new sales records there in July and in the first seven months of the year. The long-wheelbase version of the C-Class Saloon was especially popular with Chinese customers.

After launched in May, the new A-Class will contribute to the strong sales in the next months together with its sedan version, available for the first time in the compact range.

The SUVs have achieved best-ever unit sales since the beginning of the year. Worldwide, a total of 484,275 SUVs with the star were delivered, representing growth of 7.7%. This was primarily driven by the GLC and the GLC Coupé, both of which posted record unit sales in July as well as in the first seven months.


The smart brand delivered 11,404 cars to its customers worldwide in July, thus surpassing the prior-year number significantly (+11.1%). The smart forfour model was especially popular with customers last month.

In China, unit sales of the two-door and four-door urban microcar were higher than ever before in a July.

Last month the smart brand achieved significant sales growth of 36.2% in the German market. In the first half of the year 2018, smart actually achieved with 17.5% the strongest growth for new passenger car registrations among all German car brands in Germany.

This success is partially due to strong demand for the electric smart models: smart was the car brand with the most new car registrations of purely battery-powered passenger cars in Germany in the first half of the year.

MakeJuly 2018Change in %Jan-July 2018Change in %
Sales in the markets
- thereof Germany22,272-16.50%173,721-2.70%
-thererof USA20,034-22.70%178,882-4.80%
- thereof China52,6168.30%392,78015.10%