Mercedes-Benz showcases the G-Code concept

Mercedes-Benz G-Code
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Mercedes-Benz is keen on proving that it can build an urban crossover smaller than the Mercedes-Benz GLA and this is what the G-Code prototype stands for. 

In terms of dimensions, the G-Code prototype is 317 mm shorter than the GLA crossover thanks to a total length of  just 4,100 mm. However, the Mercedes-Benz designers increased its width (by 96 mm to 1,900 mm) and its height (by 6 mm to 1,500 mm).

Since we mentioned the designers, we must say that the prototype’s look has been developed by Mercedes-Benz design teams from Germany and China. The final result looks like a compact hatchback which uses cameras installed on retractable arms instead of side mirrors, a potential future competitor for the Audi Q1.

The front grille is lit depending on the selected driving mode.

The front grille is lit depending on the selected driving mode

The G-Code prototype receives a lot of goodies from Mercedes-Benz, apart from the usual LED headlights and taillights treatment and 21-inch alloy wheels. The concept’s front grille lights up in three different colors – red, blue or purple – depending on the selected driving mode. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept uses a multi-voltaic paint that acts like a miniature solar plant, producing electric energy when exposed to sunlight.

Behind its doors, the small G-Code crossover displays a cockpit which succesfully combines style and functionality. It received minimalistic shapes, carbon fiber seats, a large digital display which replaces most of the controls, aluminium door handles and an intelligent A/C system that uses hydrogen synthesis as an oxygen source, in order to provide the occupants with fresh air.

Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept Interior

Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept Interior

Although official technical specs have not been yet provided by Mercedes-Benz, the german officials mention that the G-Code concept is powered by  an advanced hybrid system.

At the front, the Mercedes-Benz engineers intalled “a state-of-the-art turbocharged combustion engine than runs on hydrogen” which is responsible for sending power to the front wheels.

The second piece in the propulsion puzzle is an “electric motor that drives the real axle”. This engine transmits its resources selectively to the two wheels with the aid of a dual multi-disc clutch.

In addition, the G-Code concept can operate as a front-wheel drive vehicle when powered only by the combustion engine, as an all-electric real-wheel drive vehicle or fully variable in all-wheel drive mode.

Mercedes-Benz also released a video showing some of the unique features of the G-Code Concept. You can watch it below and after that you can drop your personal impressions on the G-Code concept.

Source: Mercedes-Benz