LIVE IAA 2017: Mercedes EQA, the smallest electric Benz full details are here

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Mercedes EQA is the precursor of the smallest and most affordable electric car of the EQ sub-brand. A-Class’s electrical correspondent boasts over 400 km of autonomy. LIVE REPORT FROM IAA 2017.

The Mercedes EQA is a compact hatchback, an electrical correspondent of the forthcoming Class A. The exterior dimensions are significantly different from the current A-Class generation. Thus, EQA is 14 mm shorter, 30 mm wider and 6 mm lower, the length, width and height of the concept measuring 4,285 mm, 1,810 mm and 1,428 mm respectively.

The Frankfurt concept has two electric motors mounted on each axle, the total power of the assembly being estimated at 275 hp and 500 Nm. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 5 seconds. Autonomy will exceed the 400 km threshold and the 60 kWh batteries, mounted deep withing the floorpan, will be able to recharge from special Mercedes-developed stations in just 10 minutes for a projected range of 100 km. The production version will come on the market in 2020 as a direct rival for the BMW i3.

The exterior design is an excercise in fluidity, being dominated by curved lines and sporty proportions provided by the long wheelbase of the concept and the large 20-inch wheels. Although the prototype has two doors, the production version will receive four doors and will accommodate up to five passengers, with the interior space said to be more generous than that of the next-generation A-Class, thanks to the compactness of the electric power train.

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Just like the Mercedes Generation EQ Concept, the Mercedes EQA features a retro-illuminated front black panel that integrates laser-headlamps and a virtual grille that can change its shape depending on the active driving mode: in the Sport setting, it displays the Mercedes logo and blue horizontal bars, while in Sport Plus mode, EQA gets the Panamericana grille with vertical bars, typical of the AMG sports car models. For perfect symmetry, the rear side calls for a similar treatment, with the OLED tail-lights also housed within a glossy black surface that seamlessly blends with the rear window.

By 2025, the Mercedes EQ range will include no less than ten models, including a compact SUV (the Generation EQ concept version, presented in Paris in 2016 – comparable in dimensions to those displayed by the GLC) and a luxury sedan, the electric correspondent of the S-Class.

All will be built on the Mercedes Electric Architecture (MEA) modular platform and will offer electrical ranges between 400 and 700 km, depending on the segment and the capacity of the integrated batteries. The platform supports front or rear traction with one or two electric motors, the batteries being integrated into the chassis, below the floor level. Also, the Mercedes-EQ models will use an 800V electric architecture that will enable the future models to quickly charge their batteries.

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