Linkin Park sets the ice on fire at the AMG Driving Academy

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Their way or no way at all! The rock band Linkin Park showed up at the latest AMG Driving Academy event in Sweden and they drove the GTs exactly the way they sing their songs: in a very stormy way.

Arvidsjaur, Sweden. A quiet little place on top of a mountain. Well, it was that until Linkin Park and the AMG Driving Academy showed up. Not far from the Arctic Circle, Mike Shinoda, Phoenix and Joe Hahn got behind the wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT fireballs to set the ice on fire.

Drifts and pedals pushed to the metal were the highlights of Linkin Park’s adventure. The event was part of the AMG Winter Sporting program. Away from the stage and the screaming crowds, slippery tracks and snowy terrain were their playground in Sweden, as they made the brakes scream.

Since it’s always “Photo or it didn’t happen”, the band members bragged about it on Facebook and Instagram.

The California-based rock band, formed back in 1996, is now back in the studio preparing the release of a new album. Shot to stardom by their first ever album “Hybrid Theory”, the three school friends are few of the bands that made it through the years in their original structure.