First Co-driver Review Mercedes GLE Coupe by Auto Bild

Mercedes GLE Coupe
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Auto Bild, the no. 1 European car magazine, released the Wolfgang Konig  first impressions as a co-driver on the future Mercedes GLE Coupe.

From September 2015 on, Mercedes will attack the BMW X6 with the GLE Coupe, which absorbs the main important lines from the Coupe SUV Concept.

The Auto Bild editor Wolfgang Konig, who was a co-driver in the GLE Coupe driven by Andreas Zygan, the development chief for the GLE Coupe, considers that the new sporty seats offer a lot of lateral support and are very well configurated.

Konig also confirmed what has estimated looking at the shape of the roof. At the rear, there is a generous space for two adults and the headroom is better than in the BMW X6. The boot is also very big, but the load sill is high, which is a tribute to the coupe design.

The dashboard is in a postmodern Daimler style, but without  the rounded ventilation nozzles.

Even if the GLE Coupe is, in fact, the coupe SUV based on the ML (the future GLE), the drive train is different, as it has four driving programs (Comfort, Sport, Sport+).

The range will comprise of V6 and V8 engines, mated with the new 9-speed 9G-Tronic automatic gearbox, while the all wheel drive system embraces a rigid power distribution of 50/50% front to rear.

During the first test drive as a co-driver, Konig estimates that the comfort suspension of the GLE Coupe is better than in the BMW X6.

Foto: Automedia