The F 125! Concept – how Mercedes-Benz embraced the future

Mercedes-Benz F 125! concept.
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There comes a time when every individual should look as far as possible into the future and prepare for what’s ahead. Mercedes-Benz did the exact thing and that’s how the F 125! research vehicle was born.

Mercedes-Benz is know for designing vehicles that have looked ahead for roughly one vehicle generation, which means from seven to eight years. However, the F 125! project doubles that and tries to take a step further by more than two generations, to the year 2025 and beyond.

How is that possible? Well, you create an innovative four-seater luxury saloon and you equip that car with a powerful, emission-free electric drive system based on fuel cell technology.

In more detail, the F 125! concept offers a completely emission-free mobility with a range of up to 1.000 kilometres, a lightweight hybrid construction combining fibre-reinforced plastics and a special mix of carbon fibre, aluminium and high-strength steel.

F 125


According to Mercedes-Benz, the F 125! concept rigorously follows its vision of emission-free driving with hydrogen power, underlining the potential of H2 as an energy source for the future

Mercedes F 125! uses a high-voltage lithium-sulphur battery with a specific energy density of 350 Wh per kg at cell level. Moreover, the interior is based on the control and display concept with touch, speech and hand-gestures that can operate even the the gull-wing doors.

The future looked exciting for Mercedes-Benz at that time and much of the company’s vision is still influencing today’s automotive industry, which means we should expect more such exciting concepts in the near future.