DYNAMIC SELECT now available across the whole compact range

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After the recent A-Class facelift, Mercedes-Benz wasted no time spreading the new added features of the sporty yet comfy hatchback across the rest of the compact range.

You don’t have to read the numbers to know the broad Mercedes-Benz compact range is a success story – you don’t even have to drive them, a simple glance is enough to realize they represent the perfect package for a lot of people. Compact yet roomy, sporty yet comfortable, the A-Class, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, B-Class and GLA make an offer that’s pretty hard to turn down.

But since numbers are pretty good at making a clear statement, here it is: during June alone, the Mercedes-Benz compact class sold 54,379 units, with 269527 units sold in the first half of the year – more by over a quarter (25.2%) than in the same timeframe last year.

DYNAMIC SELECT across the range

After the successful implementation on the new A-Class, the DYNAMIC SELECT and adaptive damping adjustment features are now available for the whole compact range, which means the selling numbers can only go up in the future.

The DYNAMIC SELECT allows the driver to adjust certain vehicle features in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button. The characteristics affected by the DYNAMIC SELECT are engine response, transmission and suspension settings, steering assistance and air conditioning.

The four driving modes “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Eco” and “Individual” can be conveniently selected using the switch in the upper control panel. For the GLA there is the additional “Off-road” driving mode. When used in conjunction with the new suspension with adaptive damping adjustment (available as an option for the whole compact range), the DYNAMIC SELECT allows for an even wider range of settings, the driver having the possibility of modifying damping characteristics using the same DYNAMIC CONTROL switch.

Without any direct link, the addition of the DYNAMIC SELECT option will also mark the transition to the new nomenclature for the Mercedes-Benz compact range, where the petrol models will still bear no supplement, the diesels will drop the CDI in favor of the lower-case “d”, the electric powered vehicles will get a similarly lower-cased “e” while the natural gas variant will receive a “c”.