Digital revolution: The interior of the new Mercedes A-Class

The future Mercedes A-Class (2018)
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The new Mercedes A-Class gets a completely new dashboard, with which it will undoubtedly become a trendsetter. The digital instruments are integrated together with the infotainment screen in one large, elongated, thin wide display housing. FIRST OFFICIAL PICS.

Mercedes-Benz does not want to reveal all the secrets of the new Mercedes A-Class which will come to market by spring. But during a press conference in Stuttgart, most details about the interior were already announced.

The dashboard is divided into two three-dimensional, horizontal sections: the lower section is visually separated from the main body of the dashboard by a “trench”, and it appears to float in front of the dashboard. The optional ambience lighting enhances this effect, accentuating the free-floating impression of the substructure. The sporty air vents in a turbine-look are another highlight.

Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse, W177

The most striking news is the large, flat screen that replaces the traditional ‘clock house’ in cars. A separate screen for the infotainment is also a thing of the past with the new Mercedes A-Class. All necessary information, including that of the navigation, are now housed in that one, elongated screen that stands upright on the upper half of the dashboard. This is available in three versions: with two 7-inch (17.78 cm), one 7 and one 10.25-inch (26 cm) or with two 10.25-inch displays. For the latter two variants Mercedes-Benz uses bonded glass technology.

Integration of the air conditioning display into the central screen also considerably helps to maintain the clear line of the cockpit. The air conditioning is controlled by the horizontal rocker switches of the A/C operating unit or via the corresponding on-screen menu.

In recent years we have often seen digital screens instead of analogue speed meters and revolution counters. Mercedes-Benz is now taking the next step by also removing the conventional housing of these. The standard widescreen cockpit is completely free-standing, and for the first time there are absolutely no cowls above the instruments. It creates a more spacious feeling in the new Mercedes A-Class and that is exactly what the manufacturer aims for with this new generation after the current owners of the old model found it a bit cramped. Thanks to the omission of a cockpit cowl, the main body of the dashboard with its trim extends from one front door to the other behind the seemingly free-floating widescreen. The trim elements are in a “wrap-around” design, and the choice of materials (e.g. open-pore wood) underlines the progressive, modern positioning as the top interior in this class.

The interior has a greatly enhanced feeling of spaciousness, better all-round visibility and more space. Utility value is increased by more shoulder-room (front +9 mm, rear +22 mm), elbow-room (front +35 mm, rear +36 mm) and headroom (front +7 mm, rear +8 mm). Easier access to the rear seats is another plus point of the new A-Class.

Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse, W177

The luggage compartment behind the rear seats is more suitable for family and recreational use, and has a capacity of 370 litres – 29 litres more than the preceding model. Thanks to two-section rear lights, the loading aperture is 20 cm wider than before, and the luggage compartment floor is 11.5 cm longer. If required the rear seat backrest can be positioned more upright, e.g. to accommodate bulky boxes. All-round visibility has also been considerably improved: by around ten percent.

The new Mercedes A-Class also takes its lead from the luxury Mercedes-Benz models where many other details are concerned. The multifunctional steering wheel comes from the S-Class, for example. The front seats likewise have comfort features available from higher segments, including seat climate control, massage function and multicontour seat. The trim elements are in a “wrap-around” design, and the choice of materials (e.g. open-pore wood) underscores the progressive, high-quality positioning.

Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse, W177