C 450 AMG: The Start of a new AMG Line-up from Mercedes

Mercedes AMG
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Audi has the S models line-up, while BMW has the new M Performance range. In order to counter the current offer from the two big competitors, Mercedes prepares the launch of new line-up models placed between the regular models and the top AMGs.

British magazine Autocar announced that Mercedes intends to join the niche between the regular models and the high performance AMG with a new line-up, as the C 450 AMG would be the pioneer.

What these models have to offer? Usually, they preserve the exterior and the interior AMG package, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it will also have to provide enhanced aerodynamics in order to sustain the growing performances.

The most important objective for Mercedes is the production of new models that are entirely different from the regular version, but, at the same time, it has to keep a safe distance from the top AMG versions. This means that we will notice a new modified drive train, new electronics, tuned engines and an AMG body kit. Similar to Audi and BMW, the niche models will also have available diesel and petrol engines.

The pioneer of the new line-up is C 450 AMG, that will be launched in Detroit, in January 2015, followed, most likely the next year, by a new version based on the M Class. From the upcoming features, we can also mention the expansion of this range with versions based on the A Class, C Class, E Class, CLS Class, S Class and also models based on the SUVs range: M Class, GLK Class, GL Class and ML Class.

Mercedes hasn’t released any official announcement yet, but it seems that the C 450 AMG V6 biturbo 3-liter engine will be further enhanced to 370 HP compared to 333 HP for the regular version. Thus, at least theoretically, C 450 AMG has a noticeable start compared to Audi S4 that produces 333 HP.

C 450 AMG will be placed between the C 400, that develops 333 HP, and the next C 63 AMG, equipped with a new V8 AMG 4-liters engine that can deliver about 460 hp. The resources of the new AMG V8 4 liter engine are very high, but Mercedes is most likely to keep a safe distance between the new GT AMG, that currently delivers 510 HP in the standard version, and the next C 63 AMG, the first regular model receiving this engine. Theoretically, this niche seems generous, at least regarding the engine power with enough distance between the two models. The C 450 AMG shall not be too close to the C 400, neither encroaching the supremacy of the next C 63 AMG.