BMW sales achieves fifth consecutive record year

BMW vs Mercedes 2015 sales
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BMW has remained No. 1 premium carmaker in 2015, with 1,905,234 cars sold, which represent around 34,000 cars more than Mercedes. But in December alone, Mercedes still has an advantage of around 1,300 cars.

BMW has remained the No. 1 premium carmaker also in 2015 but the gap between Mercedes and BMW is narrower than ever. BMW sales has increased with 5.2% while Mercedes sales has grown with 13.4%. Only 34,000 separate the two giants in the full year 2015.

In December alone, Mercedes has registered a better result than BMW with 178,017 units (+9.1%) compared with 176,681 for BMW (-0.7%).

Because BMW does not communicate separately the sales by regions for BMW and Mini we cannot compare the results directly.

999,669 BMW and Minis were sold in 2015 in Europe (+9.4%) compared with 798,852 units (+10.4%) for Mercedes.

BMW and Mini sales has grown with 2.8% in USA to 404,5379 units while Mercedes sold 343,088 in USA in 2015.

In the Asia Pacific region, Mercedes posted  an exceptional result of 615,325 cars (+25.2%) sold while BMW together with Mini sold 684,121 cars (+4.2%).

Including Mini, BMW Group sold 2,247,485 cars in 2015, from which 338,466 were Mini (+12.0%).

The BMW 2 Series range posted a very good result thanks to the new BMW 2 Series Active and Gran Tourer. From 157,144 BMW 2 Series sold, 107,000 were BMW 2 Series Active and Gran Tourer.

Another successful model line is the new BMW 4 Series with 152,390 units (+27.4%).

As in case of Mercedes, the BMW SUVs has registered very high demands: 168,143 X5 (+14.1%), 46,305 X6 (+over 50%), and 55,050 X4 (+153.8%).

BMW I sales increased by 65.9% in 2015 at a total of 29,513 units, from which 24,057 were i3 while 5,456 were i8.

Mini achieved a new all-time annual sales record in 2015 with a total of 338,466 units (+12.0%). The Mini hatchback with 3 and 5 doors is the best selling model with 127,194 sales for the 3 door version and 94,788 units for the 5 door version.

By models, Mercedes overpassed the initial target of 500,000 units for its new compact range. 582,531 compact models based on the new MFA platform (A, B, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, GLA) were sold in 2015.

The best selling model in Mercedes range is the C-Class with 443,909 units (+40.1%). Since December 2015, the C-Class range was completed with the new C-Class Coupe.

232,453 units of E-Class were sold in 2015 and of the most popular version is the long wheelbase E-Class sold in 58,286 units on the Chinese market.

Mercedes recorded the best ever result also in the SUV segment with 525,866 vehicles (+26.6%). The top sellers were GLC and GLA.

In its first full year on the market, units sales of the new V-Class increased by 26.2% to 31,499 units.

With the new line AMG Sport Line models, the AMG sales have more than doubled in the past two years. 68,875 units were sold in 2015 and the strongest markets for AMG are Germany, USA and China.

Smart sales were increased at 119,398 units (+32.9%). Together with smart, Mercedes sold 1,990,909 units in 2015.