Angry man smashes Mercedes with a golf club. VIDEO

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If you love cars, Mercedes cars in particular, maybe it is better not to watch this. Or at least, have a pill to calm you down at hand, just in case…

An angry driver smashed his brand new Mercedes with a golf club, in the middle of the street. He was angry all right. And you know, many go bananas when they are angry. But why is the car at fault? Well, the car’s fault that it broke down repeatedly, he says. He asked Mercedes-Benz for an exchange, but the dealership would not grant him such a move.

It all happened in Korea, where local media reports that the man has a pregnant wife and considered the vehicle to be unsafe for her and the baby.

So the man grabbed a golf club and started hitting the doors, smashing the headlights, breaking the windows, crashing the alloy wheels and badly denting the paintwork of the S63 AMG limousine.

Check out the man’s outrageous behavior towards the “defective” Mercedes, in the video that went viral:

And all this because his car broke down. Please, don’t do this at home! Please!